On-Site Workshops

Is your shiftwork operation considering:

  • Changing your shift schedules?
  • Expanding your operating hours to 6 or 7 days a week?
  • Developing a Fatigue Risk Management plan?

Before you make any decisions - and risk exposing your operation to avoidable mistakes, unnecessary costs, and potential alienation of the workforce - schedule a 1-day workshop with CIRCADIAN. (We'll conduct the workshop at your operation - so there's no limit to the number of managers who can attend).

All workshops are customized to the specific need of the operation and can be developed to cover a short 2-4 hour introduction to a specific topic or a full 1 or 2 day seminar to more fully explore specific site issues and develop a plan of action. These workshops have proven invaluable to everyone from corporate managers to front-line supervisors.

Some popular on-site workshop topics, include:

Benefits of holding a 1-day On-Site Workshop

  • Talk directly to the expert - Have a CIRCADIAN expert work directly with your team about the issues you face   
  • Customizable - The workshop can be dedicated to your specific needs and interests (e.g. developing a plan, implementation issues, tracking cost of fatigue, industry compliance, etc.)
  • Results oriented – Workshop provides the basis for developing an implementation strategy and monitoring results
  • Cost-Effective - No limit to the number of managers who may wish to attend.


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