Providing education and programs for shiftworkers is an essential part of any fatigue management program.  Shiftworkers must have the tools, policies and education to manage their daily work and home lives to ensure that they come to work alert and well rested, as well as return home safely.  At the same time, employees must have the support of their managers and supervisors to be able to take full advantage of the alertness enhancing strategies.  Situations where employees do not have this kind of support can negate any potential improvements.  At a tank truck operation in the Southern United States, both employees and managers were trained on the methods for managing and minimizing fatigue.  Particular attention was given to train and educate the dispatchers of the operation, who ultimately set the driver schedules and workload.

Over the course of several months, Circadian provided education on managing fatigue and how to develop dispatches that would provide drivers with the best opportunity to minimize their fatigue.  Using Circadian's proprietary software – the Circadian Alertness System (CAS) - in combination with our consulting expertise the frequency and severity of accidents was greatly reduced.:

  • Managers and dispatchers in the trucking operation were provided with monthly analyses of the fatigue scores for every driver
  • Dispatchers were educated on how they could reduce CAS fatigue scores by adjusting the timing and duration of daily and weekly work and rest patterns
  • Senior management implemented a policy that made every dispatcher and terminal manager personally accountable for the monthly CAS fatigue scores of the drivers who reported to them.


  • A reduction in CAS fatigue score correlated with a reduction in the number and severity of accidents.
  • The total number of truck accidents dropped 23.3% from an average rate of 2.30/million miles for the three years prior to the intervention, to 1.76/million miles for the following year when CAS fatigue score management was instituted.
  • The average cost per accident dropped 65.8% from $14,088 to $4,820.
  • Severity accidents (over $20,000 cost) dropped 55% from an average rate of 0.20 /million miles to 0.09 / million miles.
  • Average cost of the severity accidents dropped 66.7% from $152,384 + per accident to $50,809 per accident over the same time frame.
  • The total cost for loss of attention accidents (defined as collisions, hit rear of another vehicle, loss of control) dropped 80.9% from $1,187,699/year to $226,627/year).

Moreover, driver retention was greatly reduced; turnover dropped from an unmanageable 107% to 69%.  This was in large part due to a better relationship between drivers and dispatchers as well as a driver dispatch schedule that was much more manageable for the driver’s work and home life.

Health Care

Nursing and Health Care - Managing Fatigue


Hospitals, emergency rooms, nursing homes are highly dependent on fully alert staff round-the-clock. Yet, many health care workers are challenged by sleep deprivation and fatigue and are at increased risk of medication errors, needlestick injuries and adverse patient outcomes. The stress of sleep deprivation also contributes to absenteeism and employee turnover.

Growing awareness of the risks of fatigue in the nursing industry has led the Joint Commision, a health care accreditation body, to issue a directive to all healthcare organizations to undertake a fatigue risk assessment and implement a fatigue risk management plan. CIRCADIAN® can help your organization assess the risk of fatigue in your nurses and other health care providers, and provide tools, training and other solutions for both individual workers, and hospital-wide fatigue management systems.

How CIRCADIAN can help you:

  • Managing Fatigue: A Health & Safety Guide for NursesNewA 60-page easy-to-read booklet which contains vital information on how to handle common nurse fatigue problems. Perfect to hand out to new hires and a valuable resource for experienced nurses.

  • Fatigue risk assessment. A fatigue risk assessment for your hospital can provide valuable information about the true cost and consequences of fatigue in your orgaization - to nurses, doctors, and ultimately, to patients.

  • Fatigue risk management systems. Comprehensive fatigue management programs will map out the course of action to maintain high safety standards while reducing costs associated with fatigue-related errors and incidents.

  • Managing a nursing lifestyle. CIRCADIAN's online and classroom training options can assist employees with managing their personal lifestyle and health, which will help minimize costs and reduce patient errors

  • Shift schedule optimization. CIRCADIAN works with both administration and employees to identify a set of ideal schedule solutions to meet operational and family/social needs.

For more information about CIRCADIAN's Healthcare Solutions:

Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete Manufacturing

Flexible use of the 168 hours in the week is required to meet seasonal and market driven fluctuations in demand. Juggling between 1, 2 or 3 shift operations, 5, 6 or 7 days a week requires a sophisticated management of the workforce and shift scheduling to maintain employee morale and productive and safe operations.

Continuous processes require a vigilant 24/7 workforce, but the high level of automation makes critical monitoring highly monotonous.  Special attention must be paid to control room design and methods so that employee alertness and performance are at high levels on all shifts.



Assembly lines, and the supply chain’s primary, secondary and tertiary suppliers building the vehicles to meet the expanding global demand.



Lowest cost production of computers, phones and the rest of the gadgets we rely on requires 24/7 manufacturing.


Hi Tech & Semiconductor

Huge capital investment requires special attention to 24/7 plant utilization efficiency and employee alertness and performance.


Pharma & Biotech

High value, high quality products require a highly skilled and attentive round-the-clock workforce.

For more information about Discrete Manufacturing Solutions:

Mining & Metals

Mining & Metals

mining metalsThe insatiable demand for raw materials to meet the growing global economy drives the mining and primary metals industry. The mining of raw materials must be conducted around-the-clock to be economically competitive, and the downstream production of pure metals from ore requires blast furnaces, which by their nature are a never-put-out-the-fire operation. These industries require a skilled and attentive 24/7 workforce operating multi-million dollar equipment in hazardous environments.



Circadian has worked on six continents with both open face and underground mining operations.


Primary Metals:

With 30 years of experience of workforce issues in aluminum, copper, gold and other primary metal issues Circadian brings world-class expertise.



Casting, rolling and all other aspects of metal product manufacturing rely on our expertise.

For more information about CIRCADIAN's Mining & Metals Solutions:



The insatiable global desire for energy fuels the 24/7 economy, and requires a hardworking round-the-clock workforce, often in demanding environments where safe and productive performance is critical 24-hours a day.


Oil & Gas

Upstream exploration & production, on & off-shore rigs, refining, downstream transportation and marketing.

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Solutions to meet PHMSA regulations.

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Nuclear Power

NRC regulated power generation, control room design, security and safety.

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Electric Utilities

Fossil fuel power generation, line and distribution.

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For more information about CIRCADIAN's Energy Solutions:

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