Does Your Workforce Pull All-Nighters Trying to Sleep? Fatigue and Sleep Optimization Training


Transform Your Workforce: Explore how fatigue affects productivity and discover CIRCADIAN®'s effective solutions for optimizing sleep and enhancing workplace efficiency.


Have you ever sat in a meeting and realized that you were struggling to stay awake? Whether you're paid by the hour or on a salary, the risk of fatigue is a significant concern across an entire company, from line workers to the CEO. We often hear about the struggles of the hourly worker to stay alert, but the truth is every one of us is vulnerable to the effects of fatigue while at work. Oftentimes, the cause of our fatigue is simply a matter of not getting enough sleep.

Research reveals that insufficient sleep is associated with various medical issues, such as:

  • 48% increased risk of heart disease (National Sleep Foundation), 
  • 55% increased risk of obesity (CDC), and 
  • 29% increased risk of developing diabetes (Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine). 

But fatigue is not just an individual concern; it has broader implications, costing some employers (with 1,000 employees) over a million dollars every year. Twenty-five percent of this loss can be attributed to absences due to fatigue and 75% is due to presenteeism, when an employee’s productivity at work is compromised. This number doesn’t even include healthcare costs which are estimated to be an additional $536,000 each year, or the high costs of workplace accidents/incidents (National Safety Council).

What can we do about it?

Specialized fatigue and sleep optimization training programs have been proven to improve sleep quality and duration, reduce the number of days of sleepiness, and boost job performance and productivity.[1]

Strategies on how to maintain alertness and reduce fatigue at the workplace are learned behaviors that are unlike other skills that can simply be “picked up on the job.” Yet there are sleep optimization strategies and techniques available to all of us that would help to mitigate workplace fatigue.

Every day, CIRCADIAN, a leader in addressing workplace fatigue, develops and designs customized fatigue and sleep optimization training programs that improve employee well-being and enhance company productivity. Our audiences range from the shift-working line worker to the plant manager, and from the “9-5” front desk receptionist to the CEO.

Real-World Benefits of Sleep & Fatigue Training

Post-program evaluations of CIRCADIAN Fatigue and Sleep Optimization classes for day workers demonstrate that after learning basic circadian science and several strategies and techniques, participants were highly motivated to change bedtime habits (e.g., stop using their electronic devices 1-2 hours before going to sleep and set up a sleep schedule routine) to try to optimize their sleep and mitigate their fatigue.

In addition, post-program evaluations of the CIRCADIAN’s Managing Fatigue, Sleep, and a Shiftwork Lifestyle program for shift workers demonstrate that participants: 

  • Improved sleep: 21% increase in daytime sleep for the shift worker participant
  • Adjusted & optimized caffeine intake: 33% reduced use of caffeine during days off and 75% reduced use during night shifts
  • Reported fewer gastrointestinal issues:  24% reduction after attending our program.

Take the Next Step Towards a Healthier, More Productive Workforce

Fatigue and sleep optimization training provide measurable benefits for your company and your employees. Empower your workforce with a Circadian education and training program. Our proven strategies have transformed organizations, leading to improved employee well-being and heightened productivity. Don't let fatigue impact your company's performance and employee’s health. Invest in your workforce today!

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Additionally attached are white papers that provide valuable insights into fatigue management and sleep optimization. Share them with your team to start making informed changes today.

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[1] Burton, W. N., Chen, C. Y., Li, X., McCluskey, M., Erickson, D., Barone, D., ... & Schultz, A. B. (2016). Evaluation of a workplace-based sleep education program. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 58(9), 911-917.

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