The Myths & Realities of Fatigue: Reducing the Costs, Risks and Liabilities of Fatigue in 24-hour Operations


As responsible managers and operators, we strive to keep our equipment well oiled and well maintained. Yet, ironically, our people are being asked to operate outside their design specs every day to support our continuous production requirements.

More than 30% of workforce managers believe that fatigue is a moderate or severe problem among their workers. Worker fatigue can impact your operational costs due to accidents, errors, compliance violations, turnover, absenteeism, and overtime. 

    To help you manage the cost of fatigue, this white paper will: 

  • Review business practices which increase fatigue risk
  • Examine the consequences of fatigue in the pulp/paper industry and other 24-hour operations
  • Calculate the bottom-line costs of fatigue
  • Provide solutions for mitigating the costs, risks and liabilities of fatigue
  • Download The Myths & Realities of Fatigue.


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