Alarming Costs of Fatigue: The Dupre' Logistics Story (Video)

Are costly, unexplainable accidents occurring at your company? Fatigued workers may be the culprit.

Not convinced? Just ask Tom Voelkel, the CEO of Dupre’ Logistics, who sought the professional help of CIRCADIAN® after a series of unexplainable accidents threatened to bankrupt the trucking logistics company.

“We were having some serious accidents and we were having problems with rollover accidents. We were doing everything that we knew, but we didn’t realize that fatigue was the problem.”Tom Voelkel, CEO, Dupre’ Logistics

CIRCADIAN helped Dupre’ Logistics with implementing a variety of fatigue risk management solutions, such as employee education and biocompatible shift scheduling, to address worker fatigue issues and reduce accident rates.

“We could not do this fast enough, this was knowledge we didn’t have. We were in a situation where our people were tired, and [CIRCADIAN®] had the medicine.” -- Tom Voelkel

Did CIRCADIAN® fatigue risk management solutions work?

Watch the full story below to find out.

Don’t have enough time to watch the video? Scroll down to see if CIRCADIAN was able to help save Dupre’ from the loss of insurance coverage.


Nine months after implementing CIRCADIAN fatigue risk management solutions, Dupre’ Logistics had the following results:

  • 89% reduction in fatigue-related accidents
  • Over $1 million saved in accident-related costs
  • 50% reduction in driver turnover and absenteeism

“Looking back at it, [consulting with CIRCADIAN] was one of the best decisions that we’ve ever made in our company.”
- Tom Voelkel, CEO, Dupre' Logistics 

How can CIRCADIAN can help your company with fatigue risk management?

CIRCADIAN® is the global leader in providing 24/7 workforce performance and safety solutions for businesses that operate around the clock.  Through a unique combination of consulting expertise, research and technology, software tools and informative publications, CIRCADIAN helps organizations with traditional and/or extended operating hours optimize employee performance and reduce the inherent risks and costs of sleep deprivation and fatigue.

CIRCADIAN 24/7 workforce solutions include:

Download one of our many informative white papers that highlight strategies for reducing fatigue-related accidents and costs.

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