Track 1: State of LED and Lighting Industries

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Session 2 Panel: Standards for Circadian Lighting

The American Petroleum Institute (API) released in 2019 a new ANSI Recommended Practice for workplace lghting that has wide-ranging implications for millions of shiftworkers. As part of the revised ANSI RP-755 standard for workplace health, safety and performance. The API directed 24/7 workplaces to be well-lit and utilize light sources at night that minimize circadian disruption. Previous API ANSI lighting standards had only addressed lighting levels. The API RP-755 panel, comprised of representatives from major oil companies, unions, and multiple scientific experts, developed the new standard based on evidence on how exposure to blue-rich light sources on evening and night shifts disrupts the body's biological clock, impairs performance and sleep, and increases the risk of a variety of medical conditions.

Steven Lerman
Chairman of ANSI RP-755 Committee
American Petroleum Institute
Mark Rea
UL Task Force on Circadian Lighting
Martin Moore-Ede
Jennifer Veitch
Vice-President Technical of the lnternational Commission on Illumiantion (CIE) and a Principal Research Officer
National Research Council Canada

Presenting at Strategies in Light 2020

February 11-30, 2020

San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA

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