The Story of CIRCADIAN® Light

CIRCADIAN® Light is producing intelligent circadian white light fixtures which regulate the dosage and timing of bio-active blue light to increase human health and productivity throughout the 24/7 day-night cycle.

The initial CIRCADIAN® Light products are fully autonomous light fixtures that can be installed by any qualified electrician and regulate the timing of the bio-active blue light by time of day, season of the year and zip code (i.e. latitude and longitude) for up to 10 years without requiring any changes or additional input. They are specifically designed to boost productivity and decrease absenteeism, turnover, errors, and accidents in workplaces that operate around the clock.

By controlling the bio-active blue dosage, the proprietary CIRCADIAN® LEDs reduce the harmful spectral wavelengths that have been associated with an increase of 35-65% in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, sleep disorders, depression, reproductive disorders and multiple cancers, including breast cancer and prostate cancer. CIRCADIAN® Lights solve the night lighting problem by providing high quality white light 24/7, and avoid the dimming and low color temperature approaches used by other so-called “circadian” lighting products, which do not sufficiently reduce the bio-active blue dosage.

When the dark side of energy efficient light was recognized by the World Health Organization, American Medical Association, and National Institutes of Health, among others, CIRCADIAN was among the first to recognize the implications for the 24/7 employers and workforce, and to start finding the solutions. Our discoveries have enabled a practical solution to the LED lighting problem and resulted in an extensive IP portfolio.

CIRCADIAN Light products incorporate insights generated by over a decade of breakthrough biomedical research conducted at leading universities, including University of Toronto. 

CIRCADIAN is unique in the lighting industry in having an in-house 24/7 workplace simulation within a medical research center. In the CIRCADIAN Light Center, people live and work and sleep under spectrally-specific lighting to enable the development of optimal lighting products. We measure the impact of the light spectrum on blood, urine and saliva hormones, disease markers, blood pressure, and sleep to define the optimal scheduling of bio-active light dosage.

This world-class facility has been critical in optimizing the light spectra to improve performance, decrease errors, and reduce the probability of fatigue related accidents. As our slogan says we are truly delivering the “24-Hour Spectrum of Health.”

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