Shift Work Training Materials: Working Nights Newsletter, H&S Guide, etc.


Shift Work & Fatigue Training Materials

It is a staggering fact that even after 20 years on the job most shiftworkers don’t know how to adjust their lifestyle to minimize the negative effects of working around the clock.

CIRCADIAN has developed several publications to assist companies and shiftworkers with shiftwork training.


The Working Nights Newsletter

A monthly publication dedicated to helping shiftworkers minimize the drawback and maximize the benefits of working nights. Full of tips and practical information, it makes for great training material. 


The Working Nights Health & Safety Guide

Developed to help workers better adapt to the demands of shiftwork.


Fatigue Training Online:

Web-based training programs to educate shiftworkers, truck drivers, and the public about managing fatigue.


Health & Safety Pamphlets:

A series of pamphlets that cover various shiftwork issues.


The Working Nights Worksite Posters:

Full color posters that drive home a new health & safety message each month.

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Offshore oil training CD-Rom:

CIRCADIAN® has partnered with the GDSLI to develop the most comprehensive training CD currently available to offshore oil industry.

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The Practical Guide to Managing 24 Hour Operations:

A must have for any managers of shiftworkers, includes over 100 tips on how to best run a shiftwork facility.



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