Benchmarking: How Does your 24-Hour Operation Compare?


In the highly competitive world of 24/7, it is essential to keep your edge

and constantly look for ways to improve. 

One way to do this is through a regular benchmarking against your peers.  CIRCADIAN’s extensive shiftwork database and experience in multiple industries provide a unique benefit for companies wishing to benchmark themselves against other similar operations.

If this is your situation:

  • You want to identify strengths and weakness of your operation compared to other similar shiftwork operations.
  • You are unsure about where you stand compared to other operations regarding pay practices, policies and procedures.
  • You are moving to a new location and want to create a positive environment that will attract potential employees.

This is how CIRCADIAN can help you:

CIRCADIAN offers benchmarking in a wide variety of areas including pay practices, safety data, and health information.

  • Comparison surveys.  CIRCADIAN can compare the health, safety and fatigue data of your company against the Shiftwork Index to identify potential problem areas as well as areas that are performing well.
  • Policies and procedures.  Using data collected annually from more than 400 individual shiftwork operations, CIRCADIAN can provide industry-specific information on overtime practices, scheduling issues, pay levels, and many other different topics.

CIRCADIAN® delivers workforce solutions for business that work around the clock.

Find out how our performance and safety experience can help you.