Scientific Literature Review

Scientific Literature Review

Information is only a keystroke away, but sometimes the problem is not just to find the information you need, but to sort through it, keeping what is really relevant and organizing the data in a user-friendly way. This can easily become a challenging and time consuming task, difficult to complete on a timely way by managers who are often already overworked. If you are trying to gather data on new technologies or evaluate scientific publications to support new policies and procedures, you may also find that your personnel doesn’t have the most appropriate background to sort trough all the available information.

If this is your situation:

  • You want a scientific, factual basis for your decisions
  • You are expanding into a new environment or type of operation and want to ensure that your policies and practices would be appropriate for the new setting
  • You want to educate your managers on a controversial issue regarding best practices for your shiftwork operation

This is how CIRCADIAN can help you

CIRCADIAN offers the credibility of an independent expert and provides scientific basis. CIRCADIAN has a comprehensive shiftwork library, including both articles published in scientific journals and technical reports from the government and other public and private agencies. The library covers multiple topics related to shift work, such as best scheduling practices, work environment, fatigue countermeasures, health and safety problems, HR issues, and others. CIRCADIAN researches perform periodic literature searches to keep the library up to date.

When performing a literature search for a specific issue, the search typically focuses on articles and reports published in the past decade, but to ensure completeness also includes important earlier publications. In addition, the search includes presentations at scientific meetings and information obtained through personal contacts, such that all previous knowledge on this subject can be pooled and assessed.

Recent literature searches have covered topics as diverse a:

  • Driver sleepiness: Causes and Countermeasures
  • Maximum number of consecutive work hours and how to schedule breaks when working in emergency situations
  • Maximize consecutive work days
  • High altitude mining: effects of lack of oxygen on health, performance and safety. Review of countermeasures (scheduling, accommodations, training, etc)

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