On Site Workshop: Successfully Expanding from 5- to 7-Day Operations

5-7ossbrochurecoverimageAre you considering expanding operating hours to 6 or 7 days a week? Are you adding night shifts? Are you considering a seamless 24/7 operation?

CIRCADIAN offers onsite seminars to help your entire team understand and learn how to manage the complexities and challenges of expanding operations & and save the time and cost of flying your team to an off-site meeting.

Our dynamic on-site seminar How to Successfully Expand from a 5- to 7-Day Operation will teach you how to properly assess the need for expanding to a continuous operation and how to work effectively with your employees and/or union to facilitate the change successfully.

"How to Successfully Expand from a 5- to 7-Day Operation" Will Teach Managers:

  • How to properly assess the need for expanding your operations
  • Proven techniques for managing the complex change to a continuous operation.
  • How to prevent alienating your workforce
  • How to engage your workforce to determine the best continuous production schedule

Benefits of Onsite Seminars

  • Customizable to your organization's specific needs. Already have a schedule in mind and want to discuss pros and cons? Concerned about labor vs. management issues? No problem.
  • Can include as many participants as the room will hold -- no need to pay additional attendee fees!
  • An opportunity for managers to meet with CIRCADIAN® experts and get specific questions answered

To learn more or schedule an onsite seminar:

  • Call 781-439-6300
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Fill out contact form by clicking here
  • Download the FRMS workshop brochure

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