Staffing Level Analysis

Staffing Level Analysis

Determining and maintaining optimal staffing and crewing levels is critical to efficiency. Overstaffing is obviously costly -- not just to payroll costs and benefits. It manifests in lackluster performance by under-used employees not fully occupied or engaged by continuous operation.

Conversely, understaffing creates excessive overtime, difficulty with relief coverage and training requirements, and dramatic increases in safety risks from fatigue, absenteeism, and even burnout.

This is how CIRCADIAN can help you:

First, CIRCADIAN will conduct an analysis to determine optimal staffing levels. We readily establish this using a CIRCADIAN algorithm with a step-by-step analysis of each shift’s essential positions. The staffing algorithm:

  • Provides for shift relief factors (by job classification and/or department) to accommodate vacations, holidays, and other scheduled absences.
  • Extrapolates projections for unscheduled absences and for emergency requirements from historical data; we factor these into the staffing level calculations.

Second, we'll develop schedules that meet operational demands yet reduce overtime. This phase also aligns employee shift schedule preferences with staffing requirements.

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