Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Managing a Shiftwork Lifestyle

Those who work rotating or irregular shifts have different problems from straight day workers because shiftwork has an effect on sleep, alertness, health, and family and social life. Most shiftworkers are unaware of these challenges when they start their shiftwork careers, and many facilities provide little or no education on these areas.

Therefore, training in these areas can be a powerful tool for improving your employees’ physical and psychological well being, thereby increasing morale and effectiveness.   In fact, research reports have found that turnover and absenteeism rates are higher in facilities that do not provide some type of shiftwork lifestyle training.

This is how CIRCADIAN can help you:

Working closely with researchers and experienced shiftworkers, CIRCADIAN has developed the Managing a Shiftwork Lifestyle training program to provide practical solutions for easing the adjustment and day-to-day difficulties associated with shiftwork lifestyles.

Normally CIRCADIAN consultants would deliver the Managing a Shiftwork Lifestyle training on-site to groups of employees. However, an alternate approach is to train your personnel to serve as in-house trainers. To facilitate this, training sessions would be conducted jointly by CIRCADIAN consultants and your trainers as part of a Train-The-Trainer  initiative.

This Train-The-Trainer approach would greatly reduce per person costs going forward, and it would develop an in-house, core capability to deliver the Managing a Shiftwork Lifestyle training program on an on-going basis. In-house trainers could include master trainers, human resources personnel, safety specialists, supervisors, industrial hygienists, senior shiftworkers, or existing training staff. This helps to ensure continuity of the program in the event of personnel relocation and/or turnover.

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