Crew Planning with our Partners at AD OPT

Empower your crew planners to address the risk of fatigue during the build of pairings and bidlines, and fix fatigue risk issues before sequences are flown. AD OPT, a division of Kronos, and CIRCADIAN® have partnered to allow your planners to assess fatigue risk on their screens when generating crew pairings and bidlines.

The 'engine' at the heart of the fatigue assessment is CIRCADIAN’s scientifically-validated fatigue risk model CAS™. The direct interface between Altitude-Pairing and PBS screens and CAS helps you establish effective fatigue minimized schedules and diminish the risk of noncompliance with FRMS targets.

For more information about CAS-5's integration with AD OPT's market leading airline crew planning optimization solutions, pdfdownload the brochure by clicking here or email us at

For more information about CIRCADIAN's Aviation FRMS Solutions:

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