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WarehouseGlobal supply chains, distribution centers and just-in time logistics depend critically on the performance of the 24/7 workforce. The biggest risks and costs occur when systems are over-optimized without taking human factors into account. Stretched beyond their limit, 24/7 employees can become unreliable and error prone.

CIRCADIAN is expert at providing the critical needed balance between optimized logistics and human performance. There is a sweet spot and we can help you find it. Our in-depth understanding of all modes of transportation, and supplier and manufacturing operations gives us vital insights in how you can function seamlessly 24/7 with high functioning employees throughout the system.

How CIRCADIAN can help you:

  • Shiftwork Opportunity Assessment. With 25 years of experience in every conceivable type of shiftwork operation, CIRCADIAN can help you find the low hanging fruit that will bring immediate returns. Managers are often too close to their own operation to see the opportunities, or may only have limited experience of possible alternatives. Circadian has the benefit of solving 24/7 workforce problems every day and knowing where the world-class solutions lie.
  • Shift Schedule Optimization. 24/7 employees care about their work and duty-rest schedules almost as much as their paycheck, and sometimes more. But there are so many opinions and false assumptions that finding the best schedule for your operations can be a real challenge. For 25 years CIRCADIAN has guided thousands of companies through a well-defined and highly effective process that creates employee buy-in and achieves management objectives.
  • Expanding to 7-Day Operations. Circadian helps companies realize the considerable returns and increased efficiency of 24/7 operations without loosing the critical support of the workforce. By helping with all steps from developing the business case and transition plan, selling it to the employees and implementing win-win operationally efficient schedules and employee policies we ensure that the ROI is maximized.
  • Proportional Staffing. In many operations workload fluctuates more or less predictably hour by hour over the 168 hours in the week. Equally staffed fixed shifts can be a highly inefficient method of scheduling. Circadian helps 24/7 operations achieve enormous gains by matching employee duty to workload and then devising employee-acceptable shift patterns which maximize employee morale and performance.

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