Railroad Train EfficiencyRailroads face the huge challenge of improving efficiency without compromising safety – and providing competitive pricing and prompt delivery. Railroads have enormous investments in their personnel and their equipment; getting the most out of both is where we can help.

How CIRCADIAN can help you

  • Freight Rail Crew Optimization Software (FRCOS). To allow you to assess multiple scheduling and traffic scenarios from both operational and financial points of view.
  • Best Practices. Verifies that your railroad engages in the most current regulations.
  • Shift Work Operations Assessment (SOA). Investigates 24/7 scheduling and workforce management, fatigue and alertness; staffing efficiencies; and policies and procedures.
  • Fatigue Risk Assessment (FRA). To quantify fatigue and alertness issues.
  • Accident/Incident  analysis. To prevent future, and understand causes of past, accidents.
  • On Site Workshops. To provide in-depth custom investigation and education about your railroad’s circadian-affected issues – and solutions, of course.
  • Managing a Railroad Lifestyle (MRL).  A robust, down-to-earth education designed for rail employees and their unique issues.
  • Train-the-Trainer. This uses data from the MRL, and provides that information to in-house trainers, who, unlike our experts, are on the scene and available to employees all the time.
  • Sleep Disorders Screening. Confidential survey that identifies employees at risk of sleep disorders – when followed up, this screening can prevent problems before they happen.
  • Expert testimony in human factors, error & injury lawsuits. With its expert team, Circadian Expert Services consults and provides testimony on accident, workers compensation and product liability litigation related to human factors, fatigue, impairment and working hours.

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