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paper - fork liftThe continued shrinkage of the American pulp and paper industry through mergers and acquisitions often leads to closing the least efficient mills in the newly formed companies.  This is just one sign of the continuous pressure placed on individual mills to achieve and maintain world class production and quality.  Reducing costs and personnel is an annual exercise that may actually lead to increased accidents and reduced efficiencies from severe understaffing and increased fatigue.

Although newly installed equipment and team management techniques will still provide the ability to do more with less, proper staffing of the mill sites will prove ever more daunting.


  • Understanding the delicate safety/cost/productivity balance between reducing staffing levels and having those that remain pick up the slack through ever increasing overtime hours.
  • Providing modern shift schedules to attract and keep younger employees.  Most U.S. mills use antiquated schedules that require 7 consecutive work days followed by a few days off, and only 1 of 4 weekends off.  Studies indicate that today’s workforce is looking for jobs that maximize family and social time.
  • Managing the unique physiological and sociological stresses placed on pulp and paper employees by working rotating schedules (Days – Evenings – Nights) in a 24/7 industry.
  • Safeguarding the mill from errors of inattention caused by excess fatigue.  Consider that as the cost of capital continues to escalate and staffing levels continue to drop, the potential adverse effect[s] of any individual misstep is much higher than ever.

How CIRCADIAN can help you:

For 30 years CIRCADIAN has assisted the pulp and paper industry resolve these challenges. We provide:

  • Shift Schedule Optimization. A unique approach to involve all concerned in designing the best schedule for the specific requirements of each workforce in every mill.
  • Staffing Level Analysis. Scientifically review optimal employee deployment considering job requirements, skill sets, financial constraints and human design characteristics and limitations
  • Managing a Shiftwork Lifestyle. A means to provide shiftworkers and their families a useable understanding of how the body functions in a 24/7 society and to provide proven tips and countermeasures to get the most out of life.
  • Fatigue Risk Assessment. Understand the potential costs, risks and liabilities created by staffing levels, work loads and overall policies and procedures pertaining to this unique 24/7 industry

For more information about our Process Manufacturing Solutions:

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