New 2019 Analysis: The Pros & Cons of 12-Hour Shifts

Twelve-hour shifts are still one of the most frequently debated topics in shift work management.
Managers, shiftworkers, union representatives, federal regulators, corporate policy-makers, and
academic experts continue to question and debate how 12-hour shifts compare to 8-hour shifts.
The most common questions managers ask include:
Are 12-hour shifts safe?
How do longer shifts impact performance, productivity, and quality?
How do 12-Hour shifts affect shiftworker health, alertness and family life?
Will a shift schedule change create conflict between workers and managers?
CIRCADIAN has collected new data from 50,000 shiftworkers and managers at 24/7 operations who use 12-Hour shifts to gather unique insights about the practices, policies, results and impacts of these schedules.  
We've shared them with you in our 2019 whitepaper:
Download the 2019 Advantages and Disadvantages of Twelve Hour Shifts


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