If you're running a business with 24-hour operations, or extended duty hours, a robust Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) is essential. CIRCADIAN®, the leader in FRMS design and implementation consulting, now offers the only complete suite of web-based software tools for Fatigue Risk Management Systems which provide all three required levels of FRMS control:

Level 1: COMPLIANCE: Schedule Compliance Analyzer™

  • Determine if a work schedule conforms with "Hours of Service" and "Work-Rest rules"
  • Specially tailored versions for RP-755, and other industry and government FRMS standards and "Hours of Work rules"
  • Asses scheduling alternatives (e.g., who’s available for OT? Is that shift swap OK?)
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Level 2: INVESTIGATION: Fatigue Accident/Incident Causation Testing System (FACTS™)

  • Scientifically-validated tool for incident and accident investigation.
  • Allows managers to determine whether employee fatigue contributed to the causation of an accident/incident or workplace error
  • Store, analyze and benchmark all your fatigue risk data in a secure database.
  • Capture the true cost and impact fatigue is having on your operation.
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Why You Need Comprehensive Fatigue Risk Management Software Solution

Every FRMS rule or standard requires that you evaluate fatigue risk and take active steps to:

  1. Track fatigue
  2. Manage it
  3. Reduce incidents and errors caused by employee fatigue

To do this efficiently and effectively requires specially-designed, scientifically-validated, software tools that not only test for work-rest rule compliance (Level 1) but also assess work schedule fatigue risk (Level 2) and evaluate fatigue as a potential cause in incidents and accidents (Level 3). CIRCADIAN now gives you all the tools you need to accomplish this task.

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FRMS Software Accessed Anywhere

The CIRCADIAN suite of FRMS software can be accessed from anywhere
by secure web-links or can be integrated via XMLtransfers with your time and attendance system

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