Are you reviewing your shift schedules or thinking about a change? Are you trying to identify optimal staffing, crewing and OT levels for your operation?

Before you make any changes that might alienate the workforce, bring in CIRCADIAN for a one-day, onsite workshop.

Our experts will work with your team on how to manage the complexities and challenges of identifying and implementing a new shift schedule and how to transfer ownership of the new schedule to the employees.

Circadian Workshop - Shiftwork Scheduling and Staffing

Furthermore, our dynamic on-site Workshop "Shiftwork Scheduling & Staffing Best Practices" will show your team innovative scheduling and staffing techniques that can maximize operational efficiency and improve the health and safety of your workforce.

Shiftwork Scheduling & Staffing Best Practices Will Teach Managers How To:

  • Determine the best shift schedule for their operation and transfer ownership to the employees
  • Successfully expand or contract from 5 and 7 day continuous operations
  • Avoid the costly pitfalls of scheduling changes
  • Benchmark KPI's against other shiftwork operations
  • Reduce plant costs, risks, and liabilities and defer capital expenditures
  • Improve employee health, safety, and quality of life

Benefits of an On-Site Workshop

  • Customizable to your organization's specific needs. Already have a schedule in mind and want to discuss pros and cons? Concerned about labor vs. management issues? No problem.
  • Can include as many participants as the room will hold -- no need to pay additional fees!
  • An opportunity for managers to meet with CIRCADIANĀ® experts and get specific questions answered

To learn more or to schedule an On-Site Workshop:

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