CIRCADIAN® has broad international experience in FRMS evaluation, design, development, and implementation in many 24/7 industries:

Petrochemical & Refining: CIRCADIAN® served as a scientific consultant to the American Petroleum Institute as it developed the ANSI/API standard for fatigue risk management in the petrochemical and refining industries. Released in April 2010, ANSI RP-755 outlines the recommended practice for all stakeholders in the petroleum and petrochemical industries to understand, recognize, and mitigate fatigue in the workplace.

Aviation: CIRCADIAN® is working with diverse types of aviation carriers in the design, implementation, and auditing of FRMS. We have conducted a major study required by the US FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) on aircrew fatigue in ultra-long range (ULR) and long range flying with three airlines in collaboration with two universities.

Railroads: CIRCADIAN® developed the first FRMS in the Canada-US railroad industry, which has been the model for FRMS implementation throughout that industry.

Pipeline: Over the past few years, CIRCADIAN has worked with many Pipelines as they have implemented the fatigue mitigation portion of the PHMSA regulation for control room management.

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