Gap Analysis of Your FRMS

CIRCADIAN®’s expert gap analysis tools can help your company evaluate its current needs for fatigue mitigation, either to establish a new state-of the-art FRMS or to improve a system already implemented.

CIRCADIAN has extensive experience in implementing and reviewing FRMS in a wide-variety of industries. Our Gap Analysis tools will:

  1. Numerically rate how well your organization meets required or recommended industry fatigue risk standards (e.g., ANSI-API RP 755 for Refining and Petrochemical Industries)
  2. Develop recommendations, times lines, and accountability systems for bridging any gaps and improving your FRMS

CIRCADIAN’s FRMS Gap Analysis examines many components of an operation, including:

  • Staff-Workload balance
  • Safety Promotion: Training, Education, Communication
  • Work Environment
  • Individual Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Incident/New Miss Investigation
  • Work Schedules and Hours of Service Limits
  • Continuous Improvement; Periodic Review

To provide an accurate Gap Analysis of your system, CIRCADIAN collections information from:

  • Management Interviews
    • FRMS Steering Committee/Task Teams
    • Management tea
  • Physical Observations
    • Control rooms and other work areas
    • Breaks rooms, cafeterias, fitness facilities, etc.
  • Document Review
    • Formal FRMS programs
    • Other existing safety, health, training and operating programs
    • Collective bargaining agreements
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Payroll and work schedule history data


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