Risk & Cost Assessment

Determining where the greatest opportunities and risks lie is essential to cost-effective 24/7 management. CIRCADIAN provides a comprehensive set of tools to evaluate opportunities and associated risks for 24/7 operations.


Shiftwork Opportunity Assessment

Identifying the opportunities and risks on your operations and developing a plan to address them.


Staffing Level Analysis

Determining the level of staffing around the clock that best minimizes costs and risks.


Fatigue Risk Assessment

Identifying the people, tasks and work schedules that contribute to fatigue risk, and the strategies for best minimizing the risk.


Technology Assessment

Examining the various technologies available for enhancing 24/7 workforce safety and performance and advising on the best fit for your business operations.


Accident / Incident Analysis

Drilling down into the root cause of accidents and incidents to determine which are fatigue-related and the best policies and procedures to prevent re-occurrences.

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