Accident/Incedent Analysis with FACTS™

Fatigue Accident/Incident Causation Testing System (FACTS™)  is an expert web-based system which calculates the probability of whether a person was impaired by fatigue at the time of an accident or incident.

Fatigue does not discriminate and significantly affects every type of 24/7 operation. A mine haul truck operator loses attention; a control room operator fails to recognize a pending safety-critical event; a pilot forgets to trim the flaps on final approach. Incidents, injuries and costly errors happen daily due to fatigue.

Yet, because there is no biochemical test for fatigue, fatigue tends to be under-reported and overlooked in incident investigations and its true costs--in dollars and lives--are often unknown or ignored.

Have an accident or incident you want to test with FACTS?


FACTS helps every manager across your organization answer the following questions:

  • What is the probability that an individual was fatigued at the time of an incident/accident or operational deviation?
  • What was the source of excess fatigue risk (if any)? 
  • What percent of my company’s incidents/accidents/operational deviations are caused by a fatigue impaired employee? 
  • What is the cost of employee fatigue impairment at my company?

FACTS Results

Know the Cost of Fatigue

We know that fatigue is one of the most pervasive causes of human error-related accidents, incidents, and injuries –costing billions of dollars each year. Yet, when asked most companies don’t know how much fatigue-related accidents are costing them each year. 

FACTS will allow your company to objectively record and monitor the true cost of fatigue incidents throughout your global operations.


Objective and Scientifically Validated

FACTS (Fatigue Accident/Incident Causation Testing System) captures the expertise of leading experts in fatigue/sleep and circadian physiology and transportation and industry incident investigation to provide you an expert online system. It creates a standard for investigating all incidents and has been validated against expert human panels.

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