Shiftworker Health & Adaptation Assessment

Helping your shiftworkers adapt to working rotating and night shifts pays off on the bottom line. Productivity and morale, health and safety costs, absenteeism & turnover, all are strongly influenced by how well your shiftworkers are adapting and keeping healthy on their shift schedules.

CIRCADIAN now offers the first opportunity to benchmark your employees’ health and adaptation to shiftwork against our database of over 40,000 shiftworkers.

Using a confidential online employee survey, the Shiftworker Health and Adaptation Assessment, will enable you to quickly and economically assess and benchmark key health and adaptation measures for your shiftworkers including:

  • Common shiftwork-related health issues such as:
    • Gastrointestinal problems
    • Sleep
    • Metabolic problems
    • Excessive medication use
  • Sleepiness and fatigue
  • Lifestyle factors affecting shiftwork
  • Overall adaptation to shiftwork

Our comprehensive final report will allow you to:

  • Identify interventions that can improve the health and wellness of your shiftworkers
  • Benchmark your employees against one of the largest shiftworker databases in the world
  • Begin to identify the increased costs of shiftwork on your operations
  • Determine appropriate strategies to minimize the health impacts of working around the clock.

Easy-to-Administer Confidential Online Survey

Our quick, confidential and anonymous online survey tool can be readily accessed by your employees and group results are presented back in report form to your management team.

Bottom Line: This low-cost, data-driven service can help you to determine the extent of the challenge you are facing as well as identify appropriate strategies to minimize the health impacts of working around the clock.

For more information or to conduct a Shiftworker Health & Adaptation Assessment at your facility, please contact us.

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