Staffing Levels

Miscalculated staffing levels and sub-optimized shift schedules cause excessive overtime, often coupled with underutilized employee capacity. When there are not enough employees at a given time of day, the need for overtime arises. The difficulty for many operations is identifying the optimal number of employees and how to distribute them. This is particularly challenging for industries where demand and production is highly variable, with daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal fluctuations.

The goal is to match employees up as close as possible to the needs of the operation. However, in doing so, the resulting schedule is often not very accommodating towards employee preferences. This problem can lead to higher absenteeism and turnover rates, which in turn will often drive up overtime.

How CIRCADIAN can help you:

  • Proportional Staffing. Companies that have implemented flexible workforce management programs have experienced significant operational improvements. In one police department, scheduling efficiency rose from 65% to over 80% without adding any additional staffing.
  • Staffing Level Analysis. Identifying the core manpower requirement is crucial to improving the utilization of employees.
  • 24/7 Workforce Management Software. When workload demand is highly variable, schedule optimization tools provide efficient solutions

For more information about CIRCADIAN's Cost Reduction Challenges:

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