Corporate Shiftwork Strategy

Effectively managing the excess costs of a shiftwork operation requires a comprehensive approach. This approach often requires direction at a corporate level to develop a plan of action for properly managing the costs, risks and liabilities of shiftwork. Developing the proper road map reduces the inefficiencies of multiple sites and locations working on their own individual challenges without proper support, guidelines and tools.

While not all of your operations or locations will be facing the same challenges, an overall approach will assist both the individual operation as well as the overall company. The goal would be to develop a toolbox that individual operations can use to manage their unique challenges. A comprehensive shiftwork strategy developed at the corporate level will provide the support and guidance that the individual sites can use to face and overcome their unique challenges.

How CIRCADIAN can help you:

  • Full Service Relationship. The full service relationship is designed to assist you in the development of a comprehensive fatigue management plan as well as begin the education of managers and shiftworkers on the benefits of maintaining an alert, healthy and safe shiftwork workforce.
  • HR Policies and Procedures. Using data collected annually from more than 400 individual shiftwork operations, CIRCADIAN can provide industry-specific information on overtime practices, scheduling issues, pay levels, and many other different topics.
  • On-site Workshops. These assist in exploring the unique challenges faced by the corporation and individual operations to lay the groundwork for development of a comprehensive shiftwork strategy.
  • Fatigue Risk Management System. CIRCADIAN provides a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to minimizing fatigue.
  • Shiftwork Opportunity Assessment. Using a deep analysis of key performance indicators, CIRCADIAN can identify areas in any shiftwork operation that are creating excess costs.
  • Shift Schedule Optimization. We can help you increase production quality, reduce absenteeism, achieve higher morale, improve health, safety and alertness through a well-implemented schedule.

For more information about CIRCADIAN's Efficient 24/7 Utilization Challenges:

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