Errors & Accidents

24/7 operations present special safety challenges, and risks of employee inattention are increased. Some challenges to be aware of:

Fatigued Employees

The cumulative effect of night work and extended hours can lead to fatigue-impaired employees unless proactive steps are taken to reduce the risk.

Night Shift Errors

People are most likely to make mistakes and cause production errors in the pre-dawn “window of circadian low”. Errors of inattention can be costly or even deadly.

Fitness for Duty

Increased substance abuse co-exists with fatigue in 24/7 operations, often as an inappropriate attempt to self medicate the effects of chronic fatigue.

Accident Litigation

The work hours and sometimes extended time without sleep create a vulnerability to lawsuits and punitive damages when accidents occur.

For more information about CIRCADIAN's Errors & Accident Challenges:

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