Regulatory Burdens

The 100-year history of work hours and fatigue regulation, often based on outdated prescriptive rules, has been a burden for 24/7 businesses. Even worse, they often fail to address the underlying causes of employee fatigue they were intended to prevent. CIRCADIAN is an expert at devising creative and scientifically based strategies to support applications for waivers and exemptions.

Hours of Service

U.S. trucking hours of service regulations have been a political and legal football over the past four years with multiple federal agency and court-ordered revisions. CIRCADIAN helps companies steer around the debris and gain exemptions based on sound science and risk management practices.


The Family and Medical Leave Act has created an opportunity for absenteeism abuse which can be very costly and disruptive unless this issue is carefully managed. CIRCADIAN is expert at routing out the causes of excess absenteeism and keeping the costs at bay.

Work Hours Arbitration & Litigation

CIRCADIAN’s unparalleled expertise in work hours, overtime risk and fatigue provides the needed authoritative scientifically expert opinion and testimony to resolve complex working hours challenges.

For more information about CIRCADIAN's Regulatory Burden Challenges:

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