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The US Hours of Service (HoS) regulations for heavy truck drivers have gone through a period of rapid change in the past several years driven by a court-order and regulatory agency initiatives. Despite the best intentions of the FMCSA, a recent consensus study CIRCADIAN conducted with sleep experts and experienced truck drivers in collaboration with the American Trucking Associations (ATA) showed that the latest split-sleep rules, and the 14-hour clock, had undesired effects on driver sleep, alertness and fatigue.

The prospect of these rules being implemented with electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs) and more rigorous HoS enforcement, has left trucking companies urgently needing help in resolving the truck driver’s paradox:

  • Should drivers comply with the strict HoS regulations which define when they should sleep even if that leaves them fatigued?
  • Or should drivers do what they know is safe? -- That is, sleep when their body needs it and when good quality sleep can be obtained, and therefore risk an HoS violation.

FMSCA is anxious to promote the introduction of safety technologies and innovative approaches in trucking companies. But advice is needed on the most effective approach, whether it be fatigue management programs, exemptions from HoS 14-hour clock and split sleep rules, or other safety technologies.

How CIRCADIAN can help:

  • Hours of Service Exemptions. CIRCADIAN is expert in helping trucking companies develop and submit to the FMCSA and support Hours of Service exemptions. We assist with every step of the process, provide the important scientific validation and technical support, and help exemptions become fully implemented once granted.
  • CAS Driver Fatigue Risk Management Software. The most powerful validated tool in the trucking industry. The risk associated with each driver and each dispatch is continuously updated so you can actively plan to reduce accidents, errors and driver fatigue.
  • Education and Training Programs. Train-the-trainer programs, Managing a Shiftwork Lifestyle programs, web tools and educational materials which bring the latest understanding of fatigue prevention and safety adherence to every driver.
  • Fatigue Risk Management Programs. Address all the causes of driver fatigue in a program embedded in your operations and your culture.

For more information about CIRCADIAN's Regulatory Burden Challenges:

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